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Vivian Wai Cheng


Florian Uhlig

“Florian Uhlig plays in masterly fashion. His interpretations bear comparison with the very best. This astonishingly original CD is a real event.” 

- Süddeutsche Zeitung

Ivo Kahánek

The young Czech pianist Ivo Kahánek is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most exciting pianists of his generation. With concerto appearances with major orchestras of the world, including the Berliner Philharmoniker.   He is renowned for his lyrical poeticism and outstanding virtuosity employed in pieces ranging from Baroque to contemporary music.

Kateryna Titova

青年钢琴家卡捷琳娜·季托娃于 是近年来涌现出来的世界上最杰出的钢琴家之一。

1983 年出生于乌克兰,五岁开始学习钢琴。 1994 年至 1999 年间,卡捷琳娜进入哈尔科夫中央音乐学校学习,之后前往 莫斯科柴可夫斯基中央音乐学校学习。卡捷琳娜在哈尔科夫爱乐大厅首演了 莫扎特的第二十一钢琴协奏曲,一年之后,她于哈尔科夫爱乐、哈尔科夫歌 剧院以及奥德赛爱乐乐团合作演奏了圣·桑第二钢琴协奏曲。


 Chinese pianist Fei-Fei is a winner of the Concert Artists Guild Competition and a top finalist at the 14th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. She continues to build a reputation for her poetic interpretations, charming audiences with her “passion, piquancy and tenderness” and “winning stage presence” (Dallas Morning News).

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Sheng Cai.jpg
Sheng Cai

Top Laureate of Concour OSM (Montreal Symphony competition) and Toronto Symphony when he was still a teenager,  Canadian pianist Sheng Cai has since performed with over 30 orchestras worldwide with great acclaim and a has embraced the keyboard tradition which epitomizes the greatness of the romantic virtuoso.

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