Alessandro Crudele

亚历山德罗.克鲁德尔(Alessandro Crudele),年轻的意大利指挥家,是近


David Wroe

曾任​波士顿交响乐团指挥小泽征尔​的助理​ ,多次指挥波士顿交响乐团在Tanglewood和波士顿的交响乐厅 ,和​巡回欧洲的演出。​


​Maestro Wroe现任​美国新泽西节日管弦乐团的艺术​总监;​美国纽约腓尼基国际音乐节的首席指挥 ;法国L'Orchestre de Normandie常任​指挥。

Gabriel Feltz

Born in 1971 in Berlin, Gabriel Feltz is Generalmusikdirektor of the Dortmund Opera and Chiefconductor of the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra. Starting the season Gabriel Feltz is the new Chief conductor of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Jonas Alber

Jonas Alber has established himself as a sought - after conductor both on the  concert podium and at leading international opera houses. His name is particularly  associated with benchmark performances of fin-de-siecle works, and his repertoire extends from the baroque to contemporary music.

Josep Caballé Domenech

General Music Director of the Opera and Staatskapelle Halle-Saale (Germany), and now in his fifth Season as Music Director of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic (USA), Josep Caballé Domenech enjoys combining his conducting career with a great symphonic and operatic repertoire.

Lü Jia

Over the past decades, Lü Jia has conducted over 2,000 orchestral concerts and opera performances in Europe and America, and became the first Asian conductor to serve as the artistic director of a major Italian opera house, as well as the first Chinese conductor to lead Chicago Symphony.

Stefan Malzew




Yaron Traub

Yaron Traub has been Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Orquesta de Valencia, Spain, since autumn 2005. This ensemble can look back on a musical tradition of more than 60 years and boasts its own renowned concert hall - the Palau de la Musica.

Yongyan Hu

Maestro Hu’s versatile, energetic style makes him in high demand as a guest conductor for leading international symphony orchestras. In 2004 and 2005 Maestro HU received critical acclaim for conducting at Germany's young.euro.classic.

Michael Helmrath

Since 1997, Michael Helmrath is persistently conducting the Dresdner Sinfoniker, a highly profiled orchestra entirely dedicated to contemporary music and crossover-projects.

Marcus Bosch

Marcus Bosch is one of the most prominent figures in the German conducting scene – and a much-sought-after guest conductor across the world. This German artist of Brazilian-Italian descent decided early on to embark on the kapellmeister career path followed by many conductors in Germany

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